The Benefit of Using Patented ISO Modules for Secure Storage Solutions

Instantly turn your empty container into a Intermodal working/maintenance space, organized and secured storage or humanitarian relief space.

The Functional Transport Geometry [FTG] Module is a PATENTED, scalable, 360-degree frame-work providing ISO/Intermodal transport capability with organic equipment integration and mounting surfaces.  Unlimited interior configurations and equipment integrations are available/possible for Command and Control, Humanitarian Relief, Sustainment, Maintenance, Storage and Transportation requirements.  The FTG Modules are quickly and easily installed into any available Quad-Con, Tri-Con, Bi-Con, 20’/40’ ISO container, flat rack and/or other re-locatable structures.  The FTG Module can be used autonomously outside of a container, according to its operational configuration or as a pre-placed asset for deployment in semi-permanent and fixed locations. Placement provides turn-key operation of the integrated interior configuration[s], which can be mixed and matched to facilitate multiple operational requirements simultaneously. Multiple FTG Modules, of the same or different configurations can be placed, maximizing work areas, transport space, mission capability and/or Intermodal transport capability within minutes. No modification of the container or special tools are required.

Organizations across various sectors require strong and dependable storage solutions to meet their evolving needs. ISO modules, or intermodal shipping containers, have emerged as a compelling choice due to their inherent versatility, security, and ease of deployment.

Here’s a look at these innovative modules’ unique benefits and advantages.

Understanding ISO Modules

Companies design and construct ISO modules from standardized steel shipping containers. They are popular because they can withstand demanding transportation and storage conditions. Resellers also ensure these units adhere to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) regulations. Conforming to consistent dimensions and specifications offers organizations seamless global mobility and stacking capabilities.

All size options offer flexibility to accommodate a range of storage requirements. Furthermore, patented modules surpass the standard design by incorporating unique functionalities. This includes advanced security measures and adaptable customizations.

Features of Solutions FTG Patented Modules

Patented ISO modules from Solutions FTG are an innovative and cost-effective option for customers. The company provides a range of modifications to the original designs, adding value to your projects. They include:

Relocatable Exterior Configurations

The patented ID-Module and ID-MPAC Utility Wall boast relocatable exterior configurations, offering instant operational capability for various applications. These units can effortlessly fit existing Quad-Con, Tri-Con, Bi-Con, or standard 20’/40′ containers without modifications to save valuable time and resources. This feature allows for quick deployment and easy relocation to different sites. Additionally, specific configurations are ISO-certified for watertightness and seaworthiness. This ensures they can withstand harsh weather conditions and protect your valuable assets.

Intermodal Compatibility and Certifications

Due to their intermodal compatibility, the ID-Module and ID-MPAC Utility Wall seamlessly integrate into existing logistics networks. The standardized dimensions ensure smooth transportation using various military and commercial vehicles, including trucks, ships, and trains. This flexibility gives organizations enhanced operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness when transporting storage units across different locations.

Mission Interior Configurations

The ISO modules offer a diverse range of mission interior configurations, catering to specific needs and functionalities. These transcend basic storage and transform the units into a specialized workspace or unit. Here are some examples:

  • Data Systems: Organizations can create secure, temperature-controlled environments for critical IT infrastructure, servers, and networking equipment.
  • Battery Maintenance and Storage: They can store, charge, and maintain batteries to ensure optimal performance and efficient operation.
  • Hydraulic and Fabrication/Welding Stations: Organizations can turn them into fully equipped workspaces for technicians to perform repairs, maintenance, and fabrication tasks.
  • Arms Room and Weapons Repair: ISO modules are ideal for creating a secure environment for storing and maintaining firearms and ammunition.
  • Maintenance and Tool Storage: These units can be dedicated spaces for storing tools and equipment.
  • Fire Suppression Maintenance: Organizations can use them as dedicated spaces for storing and maintaining fire suppression equipment. This module is crucial for safety and preparedness.
  • Nitrogen Generation: ISO modules can be self-contained units for generating nitrogen gas, which is essential for various industrial and medical applications.
  • Solar Power Integration: Organizations can ensure eco-friendly solutions for generating electricity, reducing reliance on traditional power sources.
  • Modules can be configured in safe emergency or contingency living configurations.  The greater the size of the container, the more configurations are available.  BiCon modules can provide a secure single person quarters.  20’-40’ containers can be configured w/multiple modules to provide separate spaces, such as sitting, kitchen, bedrooms for families or multiple residents.  Individually configured w/ a secured personnel door, modular configurations can provide safe space accommodations for vulnerable persons.  The 100 empty containers at your port could be housing 100 families.

These are just a few examples, and Solutions FTG offers custom configurations to cater to specific requirements. This level of customization ensures the module perfectly aligns with your unique needs and operational environment.

Additional Features

The PATENT PENDING ID-SEU [Security-Entry-Utilities] is a separate/optional component that can be attached to the ID-392 Module, providing:

  • A functional personnel door w/emergency exit behind the cargo doors.
  • Placement of electrical connection and other components, such as the environmental control unit [ECU], alarms, audio/visual, etc.
  • Provides a secondary level of Access Control / Security.

The ID-SEU can also be installed into an existing empty STANDARD 20’ and 40’ ISO container w/ the standard container mounting hardware.

Beyond the core functionalities mentioned above, Solutions FTG’s patented modules are well-known for:

  • Security: The company prioritizes security by offering features like heavy-duty locking systems, integrated alarm systems, and secure access control. These features safeguard valuable assets and ensure the integrity of your stored materials.
  • Ease of Use: The units are well-known for their easy deployment and efficiency. They typically install quickly with minimal tools or equipment and require no container modifications.
  • Durability: Constructed from high-grade steel, the ISO modules are built to withstand demanding environments and harsh conditions. This ensures their longevity and reliable performance over time.

Why to Choose Solutions FTG

Partnering with the right company can make all the difference when sourcing patented ISO modules for secure storage solutions. Here are some of the key reasons why Solutions FTG stands out from the competition:

Unmatched Reliability

Their commitment to excellence ensures that the ISO modules are of the highest quality, meeting stringent industry standards and certifications. This reliability translates to peace of mind for their customers, knowing that their storage and transportation needs are in capable hands.

Customization and Flexibility

They offer tailored solutions with various configurations to adapt to diverse operational requirements. This flexibility enables their customers to adapt their secure storage solutions to their specifications, ensuring maximum efficiency and utility.

Proven Track Record

Solutions FTG has a history of successful deployments and utilization by esteemed entities like the US Army Forces Command, US Army Special Operations Command, US Marine Corps, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. This highlights these prominent organizations’ trust and confidence in their ISO modules.

Economical and Sustainable Solutions

These ISO modules are attractive for organizations aiming to optimize resources while minimizing environmental impact. Repurposing existing containers adds a layer of eco-friendliness, aligning with responsible business practices. In addition, the units’ durability ensures they can endure repeated use and a long service life. This feature makes them more cost-effective over time.

Patented ISO modules represent a compelling choice for organizations looking to streamline their storage solutions. If you’re looking for secure storage solutions in Statesboro, GA, look no further than Solutions FTG. Our team of experts can assist you in designing the ideal module for your unique requirements. Contact us today to learn about our range of products!