Functional Transport Geometry [FTG]:  The Economic and Mathematical Science of optimizing an interior space for transport, while maximizing the loaded area and minimizing the economic impact.

Solutions FTG provides Scalable, Flexible and Economical Mobility and Intermodal Solutions customized to your requirements.

Solutions FTG is a Veteran Owned Small Business and the primary marketing and distribution firm for Irish Dawg Industries, LLC’s products.

The Irish Dawg Industries, LLC product line focuses on Scalable Turn-Key Maintenance Operations, Command / Control [C3S] and Storage configurations that increase Operational Flexibility in both garrison and deployed conditions, while decreasing costs.  Many Irish Dawg Industries, LLC products have National Stock Numbers [NSN] are Patented / Patent Pending, are Intermodal and have completed Military Transport Testing.

The PATENTED ID-Module is an economical Intermodal option for customers desiring to re-purpose existing ISO containers. ID-Modules quickly and easily install into Quad-Con, Tri-Con, Bi-Con, or 20’/40’ intermodal containers. Patent Pending ID-MPAC Utility Wall provides additional security, electrical, lighting and environmental control capabilities for cargo and interior configurations, allowing any container to be rapidly converted to emergency/temporary housing.  ID-Modules load/unload in minutes and require no special tools or equipment to secure them in the container. No modification of the container is required.

Relocatable Exterior Configurations provide turn-key operational capability for a multitude of requirements. The ID-588, ID-672 and ID-1152 are PATENTED / PATENTS PENDING and have completed Military Transportability Testing.  The ID-640 and ID-1280 are Intermodal, ISO certified Water-Tight and Sea/Cargo Worthy.

Both Modules and Relocatable Exterior Configurations can be configured with a wide array of Mission Interior Configurations to meet Command and Control, Humanitarian Relief, Sustainment, Maintenance, Storage and Transportation requirements. All structures can be quickly set up and operated at fixed, semi-permanent, temporary, or even mobile  sites.  All are easily relocatable and transportable using common military and commercial vehicles. Intermodal compatibility is available in some models.

Solutions FTG can integrate its Mission Interior Configurations into existing customer vans, vehicles as kits and into containerized spaces as either kits or as kits or into ID-Modules, providing economical re-purposing or specialization of existing equipment.