Our Products

The PATENTED ISO Module [US Patent 11,034,511 and 11,254,494 and Patents Pending], is an economical option for customers who want to re-purpose existing ISO containers. The Module quickly and easily installs into any available Quad-Con, Tri-Con, Bi-Con, or 20’/40’ intermodal container. FTG Modules load/unload in minutes and require no special tools or equipment to secure them in the container. No modification of the container is required. NSNs 8145-01-615-1520 and 8145-01-554-2292.

PATENTED [US Patents 11,167,915, 11,767,152, 11,655,098 and Patents Pending] Relocatable Exterior Configurations provide turn-key operational capability for a multitude of requirements. FTG can then customize the structure with a wide array of Mission Interior Configurations to meet Command and Control, Humanitarian Relief, Sustainment, Maintenance, Storage and Transportation requirements. These structures can be quickly set up and operated at fixed, semi-permanent, temporary, or even mobile  sites.  Relocatable Exterior Configurations are easily relocatable and transportable using common military/commercial vehicles and lifting equipment. Intermodal compatibility is available in most configurations. No vehicle or container modification is required.  The ID-588 [NSN 8145-01-539-0508], ID-672 [NSN 8145-01-530-5456] and ID-1152 [8145-01-533-4149] have completed Military Transportability Testing.  The ID-640 [NSN 8145-01-534-0435] and ID-1280 NSN 8145-01-565-6131] are ISO certified Water-Tight and Sea/Cargo Worthy.

FTG can integrate its Mission Interior Configurations into existing customer vans, vehicles and containerized spaces, providing economical re-purposing or specialization of existing equipment.

Product Line

  • Single NSN Mission Configurations provide critical mission solutions in an LMTV/FMTV compatible exteriors which have successfully completed Military Vehicle Transportability Testing.
  • Multiple Mission Configurations can be executed by pairing a Mission Exterior NSN to 2x Mission Interior Configurations.
  • 7 Mission Exteriors, from HMMWV/JLTV to 20’ ISO Certified.
  • Mission Interior Configurations can be integrated into existing customer vans and containers.

Mission Interior Configurations

Command/Control, Data Systems, Battery Maintenance, Hydraulic Maintenance, Fabrication/Welding, Milling/Machining, Arms Room and Weapons Repair, Maintenance Operations, Tool Storage/Security, Refrigeration, Bulk and Parts Storage, Fire Suppression Maintenance, Nitrogen Generation, Parachute Support, H2O and Solar Power. Custom configurations available. See National Stock Numbered samples below.

National Stock Numbers

8145015917450, 8145015305478, 8145015305497, 8145015917441, 8145016062890, 8145016062855, 8145016062978, 8145016062920, 8145016062911,  8145016062898, 8145016462333, 8145015305463, 8145015305460, 8145015390508, 8145016151529, 8145015305456, 8145015390499, 8145015305457,  8145015656131, 8145015334149, 8145015340435, 8145015371544, 8145016151534, 8145015917437, 8145015917448, 8145015305465, 8145015305467,  8145015542276, 8145015340438, 8145015305459, 8145016062902, 8145016062868, 8145016062980, 8145016062916, 8145016062895, 8145016062923,  8145016151526, 8145016151524, 8145015340425, 8145015542292, 8145016151520, 2310016151517, 8145016151514, 8145015371548, 2310015542317,  8145016151504, 8145016062876, 8145016062886, 8145015542281, 8145015340430

Fielded and Deployed

  • US Army Forces Command [FORSCOM]
  • US Army Special Operations Command [SOCOM]
  • US Army Strategic Logistics [ASLAC]
  • US Army Training and Doctrine Command [TRADOC]
  • US Army National Guard and Reserve
  • US Marine Corps
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Homeland Security
  • Multiple Civilian Prime Contractors

NSN’d Mission Exterior Configurations